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Our Patients Speak

Lisa: pain, fibromyagia, headaches, fatigue

Sondra: cough, rash, digestion, respiratory system

Lucinda: allergies, digestion, headaches

Hormone Imbalance:
“I had headaches, night sweats, moods, interrupted sleep, and couldn’t get my weight down. I tried everything else for treatment and hormone therapy. Hormone therapy was not the panacea. After seeing Dr. Barkins for two weeks, my headaches improved, I have more energy, and I wake up feeling good in the morning. According to my husband, I’m easier to live with.” -- C. W., San Diego

Irritable Bowel
“I had irritable bowel syndrome for 15 years and lost lots of weight, had diarrhea, and low energy. I tried every type of alternative medicine and M.D.’s. Within 2-3 consultations with Dr. Barkins, I was able to digest food properly and started to gain weight. I wish I could have found her sooner.” -- D.F., Solana Beach

Child's Asthma
" Dr. Barkins saw my grandchild, when she was 2 1/2 years old. She had severe asthma attacks and one time she started to go into cardiac arrest. Her kidneys were failing and her lungs weren't working normally. I took her to Dr. Barkins and a few days after the treatment, K. improved dramatically. 

Within a month she was like a different child. She has had no asthma for the past year now and rarely has a cold. I am convinced that Dr. Barkins saved K.'s life."--M. B. (grandmother), Carlsbad

Auto-immune Disease-Lupus
“Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus. I also have asthma, headaches, menstrual cramps and irregularity and joint pain. My M.D. put me on steroids and the side effects were terrible. Since getting treatment with Dr. Barkins, I didn’t have to use the inhaler for asthma, my headaches are 50% better, my joints feel great, my periods are regular, and I reduced the steroids and still feel better.”-- S. C., Encinitas

"With years of trying to conceive, I became disappointed. I did all the traditional testing and found there was no problem. I saw Dr. Barkins and took the natural remedies she suggested for 6 weeks. I was delighted to find out that I tested positive for pregnancy.” --V. D., Poway

Candida and Leaky Gut
I want to thank Dr. Barkins for encouraging me to send in lab samples. Finally, I have a clear diagnosis of candida and leaky gut syndrome. I also have made many lifestyle changes. Thanks to you I am no longer out there trying to find the correct diagnosis.” --J. B., Carlsbad

Digestive and PMS
“I had a myriad of problems including persistent yeast infections, digestive difficulties, irregular menstrual periods and fatigue. I am overjoyed with the progress I’ve made over a period of six months.” --M. L., Santa Cruz, CA

“Thank you for being a great doctor, one who cares about the whole being.”-- A. M., Cupertino, CA

Exhaustion and Weight
“For a long time I had been searching for help from doctors for exhaustion and weight gain. Dr. Barkins had me do the examination and knew right away what my problems were. I felt drastically improved the first week. When I changed my diet my appetite decreased and my energy and emotional consistency improved even more. My own body’s resources have kicked in and I don’t need to take a lot of supplements.”--L. W., La Jolla

Energy and Health
“My mental clarity, asthma, insomnia, leg cramps, energy, emotional state, weight and indirectly my relationship with my husband, have improved. I am so thrilled you have the knowledge to help me. I learned that just because you get old it doesn’t mean you lose your energy and mental clarity. It took 25-30 years to get this way, and I realize it will takes time to get better.”--J. R., Escondido

Migraine Headaches
“I had migraine headaches on a regular basis, 2-3 times per week. I had to miss school a lot, and I didn’t know if they would let me into the next grade. The M.D.’s said it was all stress. Dr. Barkins tested me and found I had a parasite, Cryptosporidium, and hormone imbalance. I received treatment and I'm now I'm so much better."
K. M.  (age 12), Encinitas 

Nausea, PMS, Headaches
“I was a mess of symptoms: indigestion, PMS, constantly nauseous, vomiting, headaches, heartburn, pain. After seeing Dr. Barkins I saw results really quickly. The headaches stopped, indigestion was better after 2-3 weeks, the PMS symptoms disappeared.” -- W. P., Carlsbad

“Every morning for six weeks I had stomach aches and vomited 2-3 times per week. My M.D. tested me and said there was nothing wrong. Dr. Barkins did a lab test and found parasites and bacteria in my intestines. The symptoms improved dramatically with her treatment and now I'm well.” -- L. K., San Diego

Rheumatoid Arthritis
“Before I came in to see Dr. Barkins, I couldn’t walk without pain due to rheumatoid arthritis that I have had for many years. After several months of treatment with natural medicine and natural allergy treatment, I am able to walk now with only a cane, and I am off my steroid drugs.”-- M. C., Atascadero, CA

“Before I saw Dr. Barkins, I had chronic headaches, fatigue, depression, indigestion, psoriasis, and diarrhea. I saw Dr. Barkins for two months and I am so improved I can’t believe the difference. I have energy-both physical and emotional, and all my symptoms are either drastically improved or gone.” -- Barbara P., Solana Beach

“I first saw Dr. Barkins after having severe bronchitis. Dr. Barkins worked on strengthening my immune system,. After starting treatment, my allergies have improved a lot. I used to have frequent headaches and they have improved a lot.” -- June S., San Diego

“For six years I had serious PMS and cramps. They continually got worse. My husband was kept awake because of my excruciating pain. I admit I was skeptical. It took 3 months before all the pain was gone. Dr. Barkins’ treatments taught me a lot about my body.” --D. S., San Diego

“I highly recommend Dr. Barkins’ style of conscientious and thorough treatment and her emphasis on education, prevention and testing.” --M. J., Encinitas

Note: we will be glad to provide you with a reference, if you wish to speak to a current patient.