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Thyroid symptoms (hyper and hypothyroid) can be helped, even if you are on medication.

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are increasing in our society. Traditional medicine uses thyroid hormone to improve the amount of hormone in the body. If you still have thyroid symptoms, we can help, and you can stay on your prescribed medication.

We use nutrition, specific for glandular function, to help hypothyroid and hyperthyroid. In traditional medicine there are no other options for treatment of the thyroid beyond thyroid hormone and surgery. The natural remedies can be used along with traditional thyroid hormones to help eliminate thyroid symptoms and improve overall health. 
Watch this link for information on how natural remedies help the thyroid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKFLZQLZLFg  
Why You Need More Than Self-Help Treatment

Many people ask what they can do on their own to stabilize the condition. Whether you are on thyroid hormone, or not, specific targeted nutrients help the condition. Each individual is treated with different products, so there is no 'recipe' treatment or something to pick up at the health food store, except for diet and lifestyle changes. Most people want a simple fix, like a 'thyroid pill' to cure the condition. Unfortunately, the body is very complex and all individuals have a similar, but different, body chemistry.

Thyroid Symptoms: hair loss, weight gain, fatigue, itchy skin, depression, constipation, dry brittle hair, loss of outer eyebrown, hypersensitivity to cold weather, morning headaches, and more.

We use the traditional blood tests to check for imbalances and from there the treatment program is made specifically for your thyroid issues to help symptoms and to help the thyroid to stay healthy. Specialized in-office is also used to do the detective work to find the underlying cause of the weaknesses in the organ systems. Without this testing, expensive lab tests would be necessary to determine the cause, and these tests do not give as much information as the in-office testing.

See www.thyroid360.com for a book on thyroid and the state-of-the art natural treatment that we use in this office.
For more information on thyroid treatment contact info@DrBarkins.com

Contact: info@DrBarkins.com for more information.