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Electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS) is becoming more common in our technological world.  Many people with low immune systems and other health issues may become sensitive to EMF (electromagnetic frequencies from wireless microwave technology.

There are thousands of research articles that support the free-radical damage that can be done when exposed to microwave radiation that is too high, too close, or  too prolonged for our bodies to handle. There are physiological changes that take place  in tissue and in the brain.  

The solution is to adopt  habits that decrease your exposure to EMF. There are also supplements that help your body to counteract the free radicals and normalize the mineral balance in your body.  The most important thing you can do is to treat your health issues, exercise, go in nature, eat a good diet, and change your lifestyle to support health.  

Possible symptoms of EMF Sensitivity are: fatigue, brain fog, headaches, ringing in the ears,  inability to concentrate, anxiety, depression, and exacerbation of previous symptoms. 

 For more information on wireless microwave technology go to www.EHTrust.org