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Dr. Rabia Barkins


 Meet Dr. Rabia Barkins, DC, DACBN, DiHom

  • 30+ years in holistic care and chiropractic 
  • Doctor of Chiropractic-Palmer Chiropractic College-West
  • Parker College of Chiropractic- Clinical Nutrition
  • Gentle Chiropractic, low-force instrument-specific adjustments and cranial therapy
  • Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition (advanced training in holistic care, laboratory testing, and nutrition).
  • Diploma in Homeopathy
  • Post-graduate training in Applied Kinesiology (advanced muscle testing), herbal therapy, allergy elimination technique, pain management, frequency specific technique, emotional clearing methods, endocrine disorders, and Lyme Disease training conferences (ILADS) 
  • National Board licensed Chiropractor, 1985  
  • California Board licensed Chiropractor, 1985

Dr. Barkins’ undergraduate degree is from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy. For 7 years, she worked in clinics and hospitals for adults and children with physical disabilities, psychiatric disorders, and autism. For one year she served as director of a psychiatric day hospital, Yau Ma Tei Polyclinic in Hong Kong.There she designed and ran a children’s unit for autistic and emotionally disturbed children.

After those experiences, she became interested in stress release techniques, for healing the body and mind, studying for 9 months in France and Switzerland to become a mediation teacher. She has taught and lectured on meditation/stress release throughout the U.S.  

 “My father passed away when I was 21. Unfortunately, he was misdiagnosed by traditional medical doctors. I became interested in researching alternatives to traditional medicine shortly after my father’s early death. I wanted to know more so that I could help myself and others live longer, healthier lives. By experiencing some of my own health challenges, including Lyme Disease, I was forced to research to heal myself. This has helped me to help others.”

Mission Statement

“By serving others on their journey to achieve optimum health, I have seen lives change. My own path has become more deeply rewarding. As people of all ages improve their health, they also become more positive, creative, effective, and joyful. My passion is to help people live more joyful and peaceful lives, and this helps to change the world.”

Degrees and Certifications:

*Doctor of Chiropractic-Palmer-West Chiropractic College
(4-year program)
*Diploma in Homeopathy - British School of Homeopathy
(2-year program)
*Graduate of Clinical Nutrition Program - Parker College of Chiropractic
(2-year program)
*Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition
*Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy-University of Florida
(4.5 year program)
*Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist- American Board of Clinical Nutrition *Graduate of the Jaffe Institute of Intuitive Medical Training