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"I was having severe reactions to food (allergies), abdominal pain, headaches, not feeling well, and a variety of other things when I came to see Dr. Barkins. Some of the allergies I had been living with for as long as 16 years. I avoided certain foods like avocado and walnuts. But, if I accidentally ingested something I was allergic to, I was miserable, and some reactions were severe.

I have always loved avocados and was unhappy because I could not have them. My first allergic reaction was a rash from head to toe.  The next reaction was severe.  After ingesting just a very small amount of avocado, I started sneezing over and over, my eyes and nose were running like a faucet had been turned on, I started coughing, my eyes were itching, and my breathing was wheezy.  I took Benedryl, and the symptoms improved. But, one eye was swollen shut for three days, I had pain deep in my joints, and for about a week and a half I just felt generally achy (flu-like).

When I saw Dr. Barkins she did a variety of tests and found parasites (which she treated) and some allergies I did not even realize I had. Dr. Barkins treated the allergies with the Laser Acupuncture. After the treatments, I was a little apprehensive to try avocado again because my allergy was so severe.  But, I am thrilled to say, after sixteen years, I can once again eat avocados.  I can go to a Mexican restaurant and have guacamole, which I absolutely love! We are chipping away at some of my other issues, and I am happy to say I am seeing definite concrete results.

Anyone thinking about getting treatment from Dr. Barkins should keep an open mind and try it; it works.”

Lucinda S., Oceanside, CA, age 54

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