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"I attended a class that Dr. Barkins taught, and I realized I had 17 out of the 20 health issues that were listed in the class description. After the class, I knew I needed help and that I couldn’t do it on my own. My symptoms were: shifting body pain (severe), tennis elbow, low back, shoulder, hand and hip pain , aching knees and feet (after 4 hours of work). I would come home and go into the hot bath it hurt so much. I could barely get into my own bed (it’s high) due to the pain.

I was 53 and felt like I was 80 on a daily basis. I also had pounding daily headaches that would go into migraines, almost daily. I had done some acupuncture before, and it worked minimally. I also had consultations at the health food store, saw many MD’s, took supplements and health drinks, and had a liver scan.

My first experience talking to Dr. Barkins was joy because I finally had hope. I had gone so many places for care and nothing helped. I even had my gallbladder taken out because the M.D. thought it would help me, but it turned out there was nothing wrong with it (after they took it out).

The first 3 weeks of treatment were rough, since I had to completely change my eating habits. She tested me for food sensitivities and I had many. But, after the third week, I felt like I was resurrected. I had no pain! I have control over my headaches and migraines, without medication. The thing I love most, is that Dr. Barkins treats from head to toe literally. I didn’t know I was flatfooted. She made me orthotics, which helped my hip and knee joints and feet.

I learned more from Dr. Barkins than I learned in 25 years. Now I’m teaching others- friends and family. I’m a spiritual person and I feel that finding Dr. Barkins was God-sent. She uses what God gave us, the natural things that help us to heal.

I would say to others who may be considering treatment, sell your house if you have to, if you want to really live life. I have my life back now. I have a lot I want to do and before I was just surviving. I feel 35 again."

Lisa Gove, 54, Encinitas, CA 

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