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"I had gone to M.D.'s years ago and they said that I ate something that I was allergic to. They never did anything for treatment for my cough and I kept thinking it would go away someday. I decided to get treatment when I realized it wasn't getting better (after many years) and I was scared.


I found Dr. Barkins on the internet and read everything on her website and I was immediately drawn to seeing her. I came to the office and I felt comforted when Dr. Barkins said she could do testing and could find out what was wrong. She made me feel like a real person. She explained that it would take time to get better and to be patient with the process. We did lab tests to check urine, saliva, blood, and stool.  We found low-grade infections in the digestive tract and respiratory system and hormone imbalance that were not found by previous doctors.


I started the supplement and chiropractic treatment and I felt comforted since I knew I would get better. Sometimes the nausea got worse, but I knew it was OK because Dr. Barkins explained it was bacteria dying off causing gas.  The chronic cough improved gradually and I knew I was improving. It's been 4 months now and the cough is completely gone, along with all the other symptoms (hormone imbalance, rashes, and digestive problems).

I've spent a lot of money out of pocket, since insurance doesn't cover this treatment, but I don't regret a dime of it...not a dime. When I leave Dr. Barkins office I always feel better and feel lighthearted, ready to conquer the world. It's just heaven.


I get so excited about Dr. Barkins, I want people to know that they can be helped. It helps the physical and the mental, it balances everything. It's the best. It's not just taking a supplement. It's a lot more than just supplements.

I want to say to Dr. Barkins, "you are a gift to us and not everyone has found it yet to open it."

Sondra N., San diego, age: over 50

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