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Lyme Disease and Co-infections

Lyme disease is becoming more prevalent all over the United States. Contrary to what you might read in the news, it can be found in any state in the U.S. and in other countries. Lyme is caused by a bacteria (Borrelia Burgdorferi) that is carried by ticks.  A bite from a tick can happen any time you are in contact with brush along a trail, walking in grass, sitting on wood, or even from a pet that has ticks.
Animals such as deer, mice, rodents, cats, dogs, and others, can carry ticks. Not every tick carries the bacteria, so it is important to keep the tick (if possible) and have it checked by a medical professional, or just get treated right away. When removing the tick, always take out the head where it is biting, or have a professional help you.  If not treated within 12-36 hours with antibiotics, the bacteria can spread to body tissues, including the brain, and it can become much harder to eradicate and cause havoc to the body. You may or may not get a bulls-eye rash. So, be on the safe side and have the bite and the tick (if possible) checked right away.
If you think you have Lyme Disease, but you are not sure, Dr. Barkins can help you. (see summary at bottom of page)
Contact: Dr. Barkins at 760-942-2764 or
Dr. Barkins' Experience with Lyme Disease
Dr. Barkins has personal experience with treating her own Lyme Disease. She got Lyme in Southern California (Encinitas) and had years of trial and error treatment approaches . She attended many professional seminars on the latest research on Lyme Disease, researched treatment protocols, and developed protocols using kinesiology, and intuitive skills for 3.5 years, in order to treat herself successfully. She treats many patients with Lyme, all over the U.S. Treatment of chronic lyme is one of her specialties, since she is an expert in specific and individualized herbal and natural treatment which Lyme Disease requires. It usually takes months for symptom control and can take years to decrease or eradicate the disease. But, healing can be much faster with personal health coaching and integrative treatment, i.e. a combination of the proper supplements, antibiotics, and other treatment modalities.
About half the people who have been bit by a tick do not have any signs of the bite and are unaware that they have been bitten. Months or years later the symptoms may arise and at that point the diagnosis may not be obvious, since there is no sign of a tick. The bacteria can also be passed from human to human through blood, intercourse, the placenta in a fetus, and possibly other bodily fluids (more research needed). Many times it is found in families.
Testing and Treatment for Lyme
Many times the Lyme bacteria does not show up on lab tests and symptom diagnosis becomes an important part of the medical exam. There can be hundreds of different symptoms ranging from mild to severe. If you have any chronic symptoms and a diagnosis has not been made, it is important that you get examined by Dr. Barkins to find out if Lyme is a possibility and to understand the best treatment. Without proper treatment, the bacteria can stay in the body for years. 
The traditional medicinal protocol of only antibiotics, may not be successful with chronic Lyme. There are specific combinations of herbals, nutritional supplements, and/or homeopathics that can help you get well. Dr. Barkins developed her own testing and treatment protocol that worked for her and helps her patients. 
If the Lyme bacteria is left in the body and the disease becomes chronic, neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis can result. This can arise from the inflammation and tissue damage caused by the bacteria.. The bacteria can cross the blood brain barrier and cause damage to the brain tissue with inflammation. Once the damage is done, it may not be reversible, so it is important to find and treat, as soon as possible.
Symptoms of Lyme and Co-infections
Here are some of the symptoms of Lyme Disease. If you have a number of these symptoms, it is important to be examined. But, also know that you can still have Lyme without having a lot of symptoms.
Persistent swollen glands
Unusual and persistent fatigue
Low grade fever
Sore throats
Gastrointestinal pain
Joint pain anywhere in the body
Joing swelling
Unexplained back pain
Muscle pain and/or cramps
Confusion and difficulty thinking
Difficulty with concentration and absorbing new information
Speech errors
Mood swings, depression, irritability
Anxiety, panic attacks
Light and sound sensitivity
Tingling, numbness, burning, skin hypersensitivity
Sleep problems
Severe fatigue
Unexplained weight gain or loss
Heartburn, stomach aches, bloating,
Heart palpitations or skips
Shortness of breath
Night sweats
Unusually low blood pressure
Weakened immune system
Dental pain
and more..... 
Dr. Barkins can help you by:
  • Finding the root cause of your symptoms
  • Identifying and testing for Lyme bacteria, co-infections, and other pathology
  • Lab testing and kinesiological testing for bacteria, food allergies, immune system, and much more
  • Recommending a supplemental and integrative treatment protocol to boost immune system, support detoxification, and help eliminate bacteria, in conjunction with antibiotic program
  • Support faster recovery and monitor recovery so that you know when you are really better (not just in remission)
  • Provide personalized coaching to speed recovery and for symptom control for Lyme information