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May 23, 2010

Skin Rashes

Q: I have a skin rash and I cannot figure out what caused it? Can you help me?

A: Skin rashes have many causes beyond contact dermatitis. They are usually allergy related, but may
be caused by a low grade infection in the digestive tract. Other causes are decreased liver detoxification function, that may not show up on a lab test, or fungus infection on the skin, among other causes.

There is treatment beyond cortisone cream. With natural medicine, we try to find the underlying cause of the problem, whether it is allergy, low-grade infection, or some glandular imbalance. Then the body is strengthened with herbal or homeopathic treatment. There are no bad side-effects and because the underlying cause is being treated, the symptoms can be cleared, not just suppressed with topical cortisone.

Dr. RB

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Hormone Balancing
Q: What is the best type of hormone replacement?

A: First of all, how do you know you need hormone replacement? Unless you have a baseline saliva hormone and adrenal test, you are just guessing. Many women think they need hormone replacement.
When they come into the office for testing they find out they need herbal and nutritional support, not prescription hormones.

Just because you have hot flashes, it does not mean that you need hormone therapy. To lower the risks of taking estrogen when you don't need it, make sure you take a baseline saliva test first. You can also take the test after taking natural or bio-identical hormone replacement to find out if the levels you are taking are correct.

At this office, we do the testing and the treatment for hormones with natural products to decrease the risk of breast cancer, immune diseases, and osteoporosis, that can increase when your hormones are out-of-balance.

Menopause, peri-menopause, andropause, and PMS symptoms can be helped with natural medicine and saliva hormone testing.

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Q: How do I know if I have food allergies?

A: There are three main methods to find out if you have food allergies and sensitivities. Blood lab tests are used traditionally, but they are quite expensive. Another holistic method is with acupuncture point testing called EAV or skin resistance testing.  This method is quite accurate and will give immediate biofeedback results as to what foods are reactive. The third way is by doing an allergy elimination diet and then adding foods in, one by one, observing any allergic reaction. 

The quickest and most effective method is to test the acupuncture points. The reactive foods can then be eliminated from the diet. The NAET or Allergy Elimination Technique can be done to desensitize the allergic reaction to the food or other allergens. The body becomes desensitized and does not over-respond to the allergen after the treatment. All allergies can be cleared with this method using acupressure points. This method is painless and effective for children and adults.

Dr. RB
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May 17, 2010

Q: I'm on thyroid medication and I still have symptoms.

A:  Many people think that thyroid medication will cure all their symptoms. Any type of thyroid problem is not just limited to the thyroid gland. In holistic medicine, we look at all the systems of the body and find that the digestive system, liver, hormones, and nervous system all are effected when the thyroid is malfunctioning.

They thyroid gland affects so many other cells in the body, that just taking thyroid medication alone most likely will not relieve all the symptoms. The immune system is weakened when the thyroid or hormone system is out-of-balance and unless this is addressed, the symptoms will continue.

Traditional medicine does not diagnose or treat the thyroid malfunction in a holistic way. They give you the thyroid hormone and they readjust it periodically(mostly higher) to try to calm the symptoms. But, the answer is not the magic thyroid pill, the answer is to find out what is out-of-balance and re-balance it with diet, herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle changes, along with necessary medication when needed.

Dr. RB

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