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April 30, 2010


Many people come in to the office for headaches, fatigue, or sleep problems and in the course of testing them, we discover that they have multiple food allergies.  They never had digestive symptoms or the usual runny nose or sneezing that most people associate with allergies. The symptoms may not be directly related or obvious.

More and more children and adults are testing for gluten sensitivity. This is a sensitivity to wheat, rye, or barley gluten (protein found in these grains). Most likely, what we eat and drink, along with stress, is effecting our immune systems.

No one knows for sure, but there is a possibility that GMO (Genetically Modified Food), pesticides, additives, in food can cause a weakness in the gut immune system.  So what do we do? Eating organic food and food that is not GMO is a good place to start. Also, drinking purified water (not tap water) is recommended. Besides chlorine, there are low levels of chemicals, like medications, that have been found in the water system. There has not been enough research to know what these low level chemicals can do to our bodies and immune system. Eating healthier food will help to strengthen your immune system.

Treatment with the Allergy Elimination Technique is the next step, since it clears the sensitivities. Symptoms like fatigue and sleep, headaches, and migraines can go away completely.

Dr. RB

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